October 28th, 2014

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Seasons and Headaches

Every spring and fall, I get a series of weather-related sinus migraines.  They vary with the year, least when strong fronts come in and blow through, and most when weaker fronts stall to one side or the other of us, or creep over us slowly and then move backwards over us again.  I get intense one-sided throbbing pain, sometimes with visual auras and always with light and sound sensitivity.  Often chills, as if coming down with something, and exnaustion.   Not fun, but not dangerous really, just annoying and interfering with useful work.  Especially the visual auras, since my vision isn't perfect anymore anyway.   I've had a nasty headache off and on the past couple of days, and looking at the regional (not local) weather map I can see why.  There's a line of stuff to the south, and another one to the north, and the day was warm, humid, and still) so today's headache (that made it impossible for some hours to do anything online--I finally just went to bed for a couple of hours, multiple layers of covers on top trying to warm up.
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