December 12th, 2014

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Torture is wrong.  Period, end of sentence.  That's what I believed since I first knew what it was.  That's what I've believed in every subsequent situation that someone else has suggested might justify torture, including 9/11.  (Alan Dershowitz is a damn liar when he claims that "everybody" approved torture then.  No, they didn't.  He and his vicious friends did.  Not me.  Not my friends.  Not veterans I knew at the time.   Never.)

Nothing justifies torture.   Torture is wrong.   The torture apologists are the Big Brother of 1984...trying to rename it to make it prettier, less offensive.   It's not the name--it's the reality.   Waterboarding is torture.   Deafening noise is torture.  Forced sleeplessness is torture.   And everybody, including the torture apologists, knows that at root--because these are the kinds of things that even they call torture when it's done by someone else, especially by an enemy.   It's not "enhanced interrogation techniques"--it's torture.   Torturers themselves should not be tortured--because torture is wrong.  Serial killers should not be tortured--because torture is wrong.  The evil men who allow, encourage, support torture should not be tortured--because torture is wrong.   There are people in this world I would happily send to execution, if it were my choice, but I would not see anyone, anywhere, for any reason, tortured....because it is wrong.  It is a wrong so wrong that it contaminates those who do it, turning them as inhuman as they believe their victims are.  It is a wrong so wrong that it contaminates the entire chain of command that allows it.
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Addendum, an hour or so later.  Thanks to a friend on another venue who gave me this link:

Maj. Gen. Taguba (ret) is one of my heroes for the way he handled the investigation of Abu Ghraib, knowing this would deep-six his career.   In a just country, he would have been promoted for his character and be on JCS.