December 30th, 2014

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Work & Play

My bike functions for work (errands in town, doing trail maintenance on the land), exercise (anytime I'm on it, including planned rides) and play (just enjoying riding on it.)    Today was a mix of work (trail maintenance) and fun--as I improved the trail through the dry woods, it made it more fun to ride that trail.   At first, it was "ride a little, stop, cut back elbowbush, cedar elm, cactus, juniper, get the cut stuff off the trail, heaving it (usually) some feet back into the brush...ride a little, stop, cut back elbowbush, cedar elm...etc."   But once I'd finished all that, I was able to ride the entire length without brush catching my legs or arms, or limbs smacking me in the face or dragging on my helmet.  So I did, nonstop from the south end to the north end, and then back through.

Meanwhile, husband was working on the south fence--doing it by himself, with his health problems, is taking him a long time but he's very determined, and he's got most of it done.  (He's also done the west fence.  The north still a problem, and the highway-side fence, that we were going to have done...the contractor said he can't hire the labor now and he's too old to tackle it by himself, so we're considering what to do about that. )   He carries his materials & equipment in the little trailer behind the lawn tractor; I carry mine in the back basket of the bike.   Here's a picture of the "work vehicles" partly loaded.

You can see the orange handles of my Christmas-present lopping shears in the bike basket, my water bottle on the fender of the lawn gractor, and some T-posts sticking out the back of the little trailer.  Also in my basket was the camera in its carrier, a pair of binoculars, and some crackers.
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