March 25th, 2015

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

First Bluebonnet

Spring in Texas begins when bluebonnets start blooming, so the exact date varies across the state.  This was almost our first bluebonnet--the first opened in the rain, when I didn't want to take the camera out--and was photographed two days ago.  We have more now, and will have a big wide field of them soon.  The plants are there, but not all the flowers are open.

This species of bluebonnet is Lupinus texensis, endemic to central Texas.  In a good year it produces fields of vivid deep sky blue and an enchanting fragrance.  Once we were sailing (in a Folboat with a sail kit) on Inks Lake at exactly the right time to have the wind across the lake blow the fragrance of bluebonnets on the other side across to us.  Such beauty.

I meant to post this simultaneously in my LJ and Nature's Beauty, but put it there instead, so this one has different text.