May 2nd, 2015

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Socks and Photography

I'm knitting another pair of shorty socks, this time using more of my mother's stash of Bernat's "Sesame" yarn (they don't make it anymore: 100% wool, lovely feel, came in "pull skeins" neatly wrapped into narrow plastic sacks with a little device that let you pull the yarn out through the  hole with no tangling, permanently mothproofed.  Some of this yarn was leftover from one of my college cardigans (old-gold), some was leftover from a pair of sock-slippers (Dapple Bronze),  and one small ball was from something else (my mother's own projects--sort of a dark salmon color.)   These yarns were bought in the 1960s.   I combined these three yarns with two Cascade 220 superwash yarns left over from making socks ("Lake Chelan," a green-blue and a purple whose name I've lost), one Cascade 220 yarn (white) bought for striping, one Ella rae Classic superwash yarn (turquoise) and one Ella rae classic yarn left over from making socks (dark teal blue) and one Plymouth Yarns "Galway Nep" (dark rose with yellow, blue, orange-red, and green flecks.)  To me, indoors while knitting, the "Lake Chelan" was definitely green; the socks I'd made from it had become greener (a soft bluish-grayish green) with the years.

So, with one on the toe decreases and one past the first two colored stripes, I took them outside to photograph and show off.

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