May 20th, 2015

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Trip Socks

After finishing the Humbling Socks, I cast on a pair of red socks to take on the trip to Winnipeg.  For one reason after another, they were not as far along as I'd hoped when I started out that day (the 12th) and the trip was the usual mix of expected and unexpected, but I knit every time I could without annoying others or making my fingers too sore.  I also had along two more balls of red yarn for a second pair, if I got the first pair far enough along to start them.   No pictures tonight, but I may add pix tomorrow.

The first pair progressed well enough on the bus and train that I was able to turn the heels on the morning of May 14th.  Not as much knitting got done during KeyCon (people are actually more interesting than knitting!)  but some did.  I started the second pair of socks at KeyCon, with most knitting moments still going to the first pair.  By the time I got back to the starting point, I had finished the first pair, and had 3.5 inches of ribbing (out of 5 planned) on each of the socks of the second pair.  I make more mistakes when knitting tired, in poor light, while being jounced around, and while being distracted.  So I got lots of practice in fixing mistakes.

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