November 24th, 2015

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

In Case You Wondered...

...why, with all the total insanity going on in the world, I've spent time posting innocuous things here--like finishing the purple socks, starting roof repair, refurbishing a living room--does it mean I don't care? (the common attack when someone isn't talking about whatever your favorite problem is) or I'm too stupid to realize what's happening?  It means I thought it might be useful to more than me to have a space set aside from noise and chaos for a few weeks, where others might spend a few minutes being reminded what it is all the screaming and shouting and threatening and counter-threatening and name-calling is about.   Those things that most people really want: a safe place to eat and sleep and welcome into a home friends and neighbors. Things too many people in the world don't have, but that some of us do have, and have only so long as civilization--including civility, the ability to get along with each other--exists.   So the pictures of socks--that most humble of garments--and the disappearance of a danger to ourselves and neighbors in the dying tree--and the change in a single smallish room in a single ordinary house are there to say "This is still here.  The quiet places.  The steady day to day work of the roofers, the carpet layers, the tree removers, the furniture makers and the delivery men on the truck, and those who keep the electrons flowing in the wires, and mend roads, and haul food from warehouses to goes on, and it goes on because we notice it enough to keep it going on."

Knitting socks is one symbol of this: of infrstructure maintenance, of a sort, of people doing something constructive to make things better.  So is replacing a leaky roof,  cutting down a dangerous dying tree,  saving the chopped up limbs and leaves to use as mulch, turning an uncomfortable and ugly space into a comfortable, serene refuge for people to enjoy.   That's what these posts have been about--things ordinary people can do, and many accomplish,  that--multiplied across neighborhoods, towns, cities, countries--make things better in the face of the determination of others to destroy things and make things worse.   Things that must not be forgotten, in the scary chaos of the news--because these things are upheld by our awareness of them and by our practice of them. Collapse )