February 14th, 2016

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Almost Done

So last night, awakened by paroxysms of coughing from a too-short sleep, I picked up the unfinished mitt and had at it.  Decided to use a K1P1 ribbing at the very top, and discovered (partway through the intended length) that I was running out of yarn.  NOT the place I wanted to try splicing in another length, esp. since I was working between coughing fits, sneezing fits,  trips to the kitchen to bring back more tissues, cough drops, and water.  Also tired.  I did finally get the bind off done with about 12 inches of yarn left hanging, but did not pull the yarn through tightly, as I was considering unraveling in the morning back a ways to make a taller top line of ribbing.

In the morning, I put it on to show family...and disaster....as the bind off came unbound and freed up a bunch of K & P stitches.  In a panic, I went on an secured the last stitch holding, then got a needle and put the others back on, and redid the bindoff, but now, instead of the surprisingly smooth and even top, there are...irregularities.   You can see them easily; I changed the contrast and all so you could.  Yes, I already know about them (hint, hint) and what I did wrong (hint, hint) so you don't have to explain.  Still haven't dealt with building up a short thumb section.

That place where my wedding ring is peeking through?  That's where the unraveling started, propagating rightward.
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