February 28th, 2016

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Same Socks, Third Verse

It's blowing too hard to take pictures outside today, in natural light (the knitting would blow off the table)  but I'm now past the gusset decreases and on the foot. Additional colors have been added to stripe the Mountain Colors "Bitterroot Rainbow".  I had found an old basket with a lot of purples in it, all old yarns from my mother's (and possibly her aunt's or grandmother's) stash.  The yarn was all 100% wool, mothproofed, sold in unwrapped "pull skeins."   Most was from Kress, at $1.69 a 4 oz. (approx 113g) skein.   Gone are the days for that, but then at the time gasoline was below $0.25 cents/gallon in Texas, where my mother lived.  And her salary was under $400/month.

From her purples, I chose Purple 405.  It's that gorgeous royal purple  (not blue-purple, not red-purple) that's so hard to find.  That was the first stripe below the Mountain Colors 10-row stripe.  Then I started hunting through my stash for the right green, red, and gold/yellow, laying all my reds, greens, and yellows against the Mountain colors and that purple.   The green is  a dark, rich, cool greenm Cascade 220 #8893l the yellow is the color of common marigolds--more gold than yellow, Cascade 220 #7828; and the red is Ella rae Classic #98, darker than my usual red socks (that red, #31,  sort of leaped out over the Mountain Colrs and screamed LOOK AT ME which wasn't what I wanted.  The instep stripe of Mountain Colors is 10 rows, and the purple is 7 rows.  I had only one skein of the yellow, bought for stripes, so I made two balls out of it for convenience (working on two socks at once it's handy to have two balls.)  I had four skeins of the green, and wound it up, but didn't break it--four skeins is enough for 2 pairs of socks plus leftovers, and if I don't do more than five rows of the green on each sock, I'll still have enough for a sock from it.   I have two balls of the red, so that's no problem--if I get to the red stripe at the same time on both, I have two balls to draw from.  There'll still be plenty for a pair of red socks from it.

I'll add images to this post when I am not worried about a sack of yarn and its attached sock flying off the table and across the yard.