March 5th, 2016

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Nose to the Grindstone

Slogging along, making (slow) progress, a little more each day.  Energy returning much more slowly than I want.   Did get two loads of laundry done today, some other stuff sorted, linens changed, along with pages revised on Cold Welcome.  Made it outside to see the burgeoning spring (redbuds, rusty-black-haw viburnums, bear tree humming with bees, oaks flowering and the earliest leafing out, a confused autumn sage blooming now, knee-high weeds...)  Supposedly storms and rain are on the way starting Monday, so I was eager to see and smell and hear what's there now.

Nothing accomplished on the new book because I need to get all the revisions done before I can move forward (or continuity will be a worse tangle.)   It's slow-going because I'm trying to do all the levels of rewrite at once, front to the new back, using the marked ms. and the Editor Letter, which means a lot of looking back and forth and thinking "Does what I did just now affect what I did two pages ago, and what's coming up, or can I just go forward....?"  in general, whatever I change affects things both ahead and behind (in my mind, anyway) so the back and forth is...tricky.  But it's getting done.