June 22nd, 2016

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Your Morning Laugh: Factoid v. Fact

According to someone with inadequate internet research skills, who published a post on Ten Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Lightfoot, I was his second wife.   He married his second wife (I looked it up in several places) in 1989 (when I'd been married to my actual husband for 20 years) separated from her in 2003, and divorced in 2011.

It would have been an interesting exercise in bigamy if I had managed to marry someone I'd never met in 1989.   I think my husband and son and mother would have noticed if I'd run off to marry a musician/songwriter.   My mother was beginning her final decline, our son was in the most difficult (for me) period of his childhood as an autist,  and I was writing as fast as I could in the midst of everything else.  I didn't have time or energy for a clandestine romance.

But since everything on the internet lives forever, I'm sure that this will make its way into multiple other sites before it can be corrected other than by my stating plainly in every venue every time that I was never married to Gordon Lightfoot, was married only once, in 1969, and someone just mistook me for someone else. I filled out the "responses" form on the Fraze Pavilion site, but have no idea if they even look at their mail, let alone correct their errors.  It's funny (R- and I laughed over it this morning) but it's also another proof that not everything on the internet is true.