July 20th, 2016

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Simple Food

Part of the process of getting healthier after hitting The Wall is trying to eat better.  Having been eating on the run and grab-and-go even with foods in the house for too long, this is getting back to my kitchen roots, with some enhancements learned from cooking shows on PBS.   I used to be able to throw together whatever was in the fridge to make a satisfying hot meal (with weekly additions to the fridge, of course) with things I called "concoctions" that were never quite the same twice.   And I'm working on that model again.
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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

No, That's Not Christian

So Pence said today on television--I saw it, unfortunately (I was looking for local weather and got this instead) that he was a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.

Wrong.  Pence is a Republican, yes, but he's neither a Christian, nor a conservative: he's a Republican extremist.   I have posted before about the curious theology that calls itself Christian but doesn't do what Jesus said to do, and instead does things Jesus said not to do.  And the political philosophy that calls itself "conservative" but doesn't actually "conserve" (or even try to conserve)  anything but the privilege of rich white guys, is not, in fact conservative.  It's wasteful, destructive, the very opposite of what "conservative" means.Collapse )