August 26th, 2016

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More Socks Finished

I now have two pairs of striped shorty socks with the same frame (rolled top, short leg, heel, toe) but very different stripe patterns.  The tale of these two pairs was partly told in the last entry, but it goes like this.  The original idea, because I had quite a bit of blue, red, and yellow leftover yarn, was to make socks in the colors I associated with the Ringling Brothers/Barnum & Bailey Circus videos our son loved when he was younger. However, though I started them close together, and got the heels turned the same day,  Sock 1 got far ahead of Sock 2.  I decided that some green would look better in the middle of the other colors (it's not the green you see--it's a rich, emerald green, but it always photographs lighter and "duller" than it is.)    I was sick for a lot of the work on Sock 1.   And then, by accident, I misplaced Sock 1 when Sock 2 had just started its first red stripe.  I couldn't remember the relative proportion of the colors.   After a month of unsuccessful hunting and grumping, I gave up and started a third sock to go with sock 2.   These became the "Rainbow" socks, and I finished them (except for weaving in the yarn tails for each stripe) right before heading to WorldCon.

  Rainbow-socks-on-8-26   Rainbow-sock-L-8-26Single sock shows blue "frame"
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