August 31st, 2016

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Heat and Age

As I've said before (as you know Bob) I grew up in a hot, often humid climate.   I was a healthy kid, outdoors a lot, and though I certainly didn't enjoy the sticky hot nights before my mother put in a window AC, I could play hard outdoors in the summer without a problem.  Through high school, college, and even moving back to Texas after leaving the military, I was pretty much heat-proof.  Hiked, rode horses, lived once again in un-airconditioned houses, gardened, etc.  Even after we moved here, the first years we didn't use air conditioning and I went on--often uncomfortable, but not having real problems with the heat.

The first time I had a problem,  it was on a long afternoon walk on the land we'd bought the year before--a hot, humid day with little wind.  We came out of the creek woods into the fierce sun, and partway along the south fenceline I felt bad enough I had to lie down.  But I recovered fast and walked back to the house without a problem.  We had begun to use AC by that point, finding that we couldn't sleep on the hot, breathless nights without it.  Years later, I had another bout.  A few years after that, another.  Once per summer, perhaps, but not every summer.  I became more careful about hydration, about moving more slowly, resting here and there in the shade before moving on.
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