September 10th, 2016

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Multi-factorial Progress Report

NextBook, Cold Welcome, is in production and will be released in April, 2017.   New new book (untiltled so far) is sitting just over 55,000 words and rocking along nicely, this first draft somewhat under half done.  It's another Vatta book, following directly on Cold Welcome.  The story for an anthology is started, but was derailed for quite a while by illness and partial recovery.  When the new new book reaches 60,000 words (by the end of next week, I hope),  I will put it in second place for the six weeks I will have left to finish the story.  (A short story takes me as long as several chapters of a book because there's no momentum built up, and I can't let it run free.  It has to stay short.)  That's the writing part of the progress report.  The prescribed rest has helped--after two months without being able to write, but concentrating on recovery, including getting enough sleep, the words came back into my head.Collapse )