December 29th, 2016

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Publisher Decisions and Boycott Fallout

So today the news came out that Simon and Schuster, a formerly independent major publisher now owned by CBS, has offered a $250,000 advance to Milo Yiannopoulos for his book on himself.   This is not a person I admire.  The thought of his getting a book contract doesn't please me, and the thought of his getting an advance so much higher than I've ever had (or likely will have unless inflation goes through the roof)  disgusts me.  I have already been told (by someone who thought I was published by S&S) that they would no longer buy my books because they're boycotting Simon and Schuster in response to this deal.

People are certainly free to do what they think is right, but since most people know damn all about publishing, I'm writing this to explain how boycotting all of S&S's books is unlikely to hurt either Simon & Schuster or Milo Yiannopoulos, but will definitely hurt a large number of writers who didn't make that decision, didn't know about that decision, couldn't have affected it if they'd known that decision, and cannot get out of the contracts they now hold with S&S without paying a large penalty.

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