March 7th, 2017

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


Today was a great birthday.   First, all my websites and their embedded blogs are now safely moved to a new site, live and functioning their new home.   All done...and I am grateful to all involved in this, from the wonderful staff at my former host, (waving at Jeffry and Steve)  to my original web guru Ruta, whose designs transferred so smoothly, my new web guru, Karen, who fought the good fight with a less than ideal Someplace Else, and finally to the talented and gracious Anne Yates-Laberge, who was able to confirm that the problem was not with my sites or blogs, but with the Someplace Else and its tech support...and then to slide the active sites at into their new home in her servers with what seemed like (to me, here in Texas) blinding speed and ease.   Anne is a genius, just sayin', and many thanks to Jeffry for referring her to me and me to her.   Good match.  (And for those looking for a web guru/hosting space/etc., give her a shout at

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