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I have a deadline for a short work.   I've been working on it since last Friday, and three short stories' beginnings have died since then.   Short stories are hard for me anyway, unless one drops in my lap, which is rare. 

Finally I realized that I'd quit eating chocolate when I finished the novel.   The last four to six weeks of a novel require a huge wodge of chocolate...less if it's the good dark stuff, more if I'm confined to baking chocolate, the semi-sweet stuff.    When a novel's done, I'm chocolated out and have no chocolate cravings for days to weeks. 

But since intense story-making needs chocolate (in my brain anyway) I had gone off the Muse-fuel at exactly the wrong time.  So day before yesterday I tried small amounts of the Green & Black's 70% cocoa.   The idea I was already fighting with died, but more slowly (that did not help...)  And yesterday I gave up and tore into the rest of that bar...and when it was gone, started on a bar of
Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans.  By  midnight something was taking shape.  Woke up this morning with it, and had the sense to go straight onto the rest of that bar after the obligatory breakfast.  

Words flowed.  That story came alive, and the day produced over 2400 words, most of them pretty good.  It's not done yet; I need another two days of that productivity, and I should have enough chocolate on hand to do it.  One square at a time...every hour or so...usually less than 3 oz/day will get the job done, unless I'm stuck. 

And no, it doesn't give me a migraine nor does the espresso bean keep me awake...not if I'm using all the chocolate & espresso up in the writing. 

Now that I've learned that dark chocolate is helping my blood pressure as well as my writing, it only remains to get this written so I can go exercise off the part of chocolate that does nothing for me but increase my jeans size.


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