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The last of NYC (as if...)

Tuesday: Natural History Museum and dinner with a friend at Keen's, up in the room with clay pipes displayed on the ceiling.    The Museum was everything and more that I'd heard/read about it.  Dinosaurs and elephants, o my.  Poison frogs and loud frogs and flying frogs and nearly-invisible frogs.  The spider-silk fabric, the dioramas, the artifacts from so many different cultures...(how a horn spoon is made...did you know?  I didn't, but I do now.)   I could spend a month, two, six just in there.   Keen's was Meat and the best mushrooms I've had anywhere. 

Wednesday was business: going in with my editor, meeting people in production, art, marketing, publicity, making a short video, making plans for the future.  Then farther down Manhattan to have lunch with a former editor.  Then off to a shopping center to get a new laptop stand because the fan in mine died, and a warmer jacket than I'd brought with me. 

Last night I packed some stuff in a box for shipping off this morning, and then packed almost everything else...finished that this morning except for the backpack, which I won't finish until I turn off this machine for the duration (that is, until I get aboard the train, where I will have power but not internet.)   This afternoon the train bears me away westward, and I get to Chicago in the morning, when I plan to board another local train for Barrington to visit friends overnight.  And Saturday, on to Texas.   Where, rumor has it, it's quit raining on our place for a bit and I might not get off the train into a downpour.

I'll be very, very glad to get home!  The trip has been wonderful in many ways, but home is home is home.

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