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So...three days, huh?

Supposedly I haven't updated this in three days.  So says the little notice at the top of my LJ home page.   Sigh. 

Well, Saturday meant the big rehearsal for Sunday's Evensong, plus work on revisions (a daily work session until it's all done) and also meant the lurking headache pounced.   I had a fair bit of city shopping to do but didn't get much of it done.

Sunday was our anniversary (40th) but I was singing two services at St. D's (where the whole alto section blew an entrance on the Offertory anthem, and that would include me.)   Richard and I met for lunch, and then I headed back to St. D's for a rest before the Evensong service and he stayed at the ice rink until it closed, then took Michael with him to St. M's, where he changed into a tux for his choir's performance of French music, including the Faure Requiem.    The altos did not screw up any entrances in the Evensong (which included a lot of Henry Purcell's music, since we were also celebrating the 350th anniversary of his birth...some of it rather tricky music, and all sung a capella.)   Then I raced up to change out of choir vestments and drove rather more assertively than usual across the city to St. M's, getting there in time to attend that concert--which made the day a lot happier for me.   Then drove home, having time to put on the lights in the little carport and throw hay to the horses before Richard and Michael got home, they having stopped for groceries.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in which we were both tired--I worked on revisions and laundry, and Richard worked on the fence he and Michael are building, and sometime in the afternoon I was hit by a sleep spell the headache generated.   Today has also dawned beautiful, so I intend to get out on the land with the camera after the morning's work on revisions.

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