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Interview for Podcast

This morning I had a delightful time being interviewed by Nanette Savard, voice actor and director for GraphicAudiowho produced the audiobooks of the Serrano-Suiza books and are now working on the Vatta's War books.

Nanette was great fun to talk with--we turned out to have many interests in common, including singing, so there's going to have to be vast cuts in our chat for the podcast, I'm sure.  We were supposed to talk mostly about those two groups of books, but wandered into various corners of science,  cultural stuff,  etc, etc.   I don't know when it will go up, but I'm looking forward to it.  
When I know I'll post it, of course.

Although I've become used to doing telephone interviews, and don't intend any disrespect of any of the interviewers (all have been good) I think this was the most fun so far.   Sometimes you just hit it off with a new person--and that was the feeling.  

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