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Congresscritters: grump

It's no secret that I'm not thrilled with any of the local Congresscritters, both mine and those who used to be mine and got redistricted away.   Nor either Texas U.S. Senator, for that matter.   Silvermane and Blondie are neither one of them a credit to the Senate and Blondie's indecent determination to wrap herself in military might she never earned...well.   I am sick of pictures of Blondie posing with military people trying to look both glamorous and tough.   I'm sorry, darlin', the whole cheerleader thing has gotten older than you are.

It's not just the matter of health care reform, though my latest desire to whap the two nearest Congressmen upside the head with a clue-bat is related to that.   My very own braindead incompetent, John Carter, keeps sending out these dishonest, nonfactual bits of neocon publicity, and then has an automatic calling thing call our number with a recorded voice telling me to stay on the line for an important message--and then a recording of *him*, the blustering loudmouth himself, spewing a load of untruth about health care and wanting me to stay on the line for a "town meeting" phone call.   At which I can ask questions.  Yeah...like "Why are you scaremongering and lying, you scumsucker?"    Inevitably it's at a time when I need to leave for something else (most recently, to pick Michael up from work)  and I'm well aware that interrupting the Great One and telling him what an idiot I think he is would do no good.   I've communicated my opinions in writing already. 

The other one, who used to be my Congresscritter before redistricting, has become more neocon than he used to be (to stay elected in that district, I'm sure) and he's now turned on the healthcare proposal.  Both of them yammer about fiscal responsibility...and the national debt.    If they really were for fiscal responsibility would they have bent over and said yes, sir, thank you, sir every time Bush asked for more money for the war?  No.   Would they have voted to bail out the big banks and investment houses?  No.   Would they have voted for changes in the bankruptcy laws that made it harder for individuals, but easier for corporations, to file for bankruptcy?  No.  They don't give a flip about fiscal responsibility, really.  It's just buzzwords for the constituency.

What really burns me about this is that they email and call and write, but you can't hit "return" and answer their emails because that's a fake return address.   You can't pick up the phone and call and get them (unless, I suppose, you're a huge supporter)--you get their paid-for-by-taxpayers staffers.   They wrap themselves in layer after layer of well-paid sycophancy, isolating themselves from anyone who doesn't agree with them,  and hand out pronouncements to the rest of us. 

Well, that's one of the things that really burns me.  Another is the fact that these guys think it's fine for taxpayers to pay for their health care--the best system around, it's generally acknowledged.  That's not fiscally irresponsible.  But tax money spent on taxpayers' health care....ooooooh, eeeevilll.  

Carter was also on the "if you give people more weeks of unemployment they'll just hold out for better jobs" side of things, which is ridiculous when there are no better jobs.  There are no JOBS for most of the people who are looking, and have been looking.  What does he not get about that simple reality???  

Some of these guys are younger than I am, so I can't count on outliving them.

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