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Voice Lesson Surprise #2

Today I had my second voice lesson with  David.   A  lot of singing--my throat's a little sore because a few hours after the lesson was choir practice (another 2 hours of singing) and my throat isn't used to it.   (More water is going to be necessary, clearly!)

BUT...we were doing exercises and then he said that the notes I had just sung so easily and confidently...included "that" F-sharp.   The one that I found terrifying and nearly impossible in the Durufle Requiem when suddenly the altos were told to sing it with the sopranos and most of us couldn't.  I had hit it twice in those weeks, but it was more like hitting than singing.   (It's the F-sharp above C above middle C. )   Moreover, said he, I would find myself singing well above that as things progressed.   The notes he mentioned sound to me like climbing Himalayan peaks, but having embarked on this adventure I'm willing to go as far as my Sherpa guide tells me to.

Then there was a lot of singing phrases and melodies, some freeform ("Just sing--in this range here") and some from music and it was such fun!  And it didn't sound totally sucky, either. 

Unfortunately, by the time we got to the last music we practiced in choir this evening, I was tired and my throat was scratchy, and I had trouble doing a decent D two whole tones below the F-sharp.   Did in fact sound sucky off and on.   Bleh.

But boy do I need to work on my vowels...I thought they were better than they are, alas for me and the habits of a lifetime. 

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