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Buried Treasure

Was hunting through the mess around my desk for CDs I'd borrowed from our choir director--he couldn't believe I wasn't a great fan of Bruckner and Sibelius (Sibelius somewhat, but was unfamiliar with Bruckner.   I listened several times but these pieces didn't do much for me--scattered moments of beauty or grandeur but connected by tracts of "Oh, well...")  

And I spotted a box of GS cookies, Thin Mints.  I was sure it was empty.  I pulled it out from under the papers, books, CDs...and it was unopened!!  Full of Thin Mints!!  Whoopee! 

Note the past tense: WAS unopened.   Now open.  Now in the process of disappearing.   The sound of munching is heard in the house.

Tags: food
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