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Holiday Music

Holiday music means at least some Messiah choruses, and this year, as we're once again the foundation chorus for the Austin Symphony's Messiah, we get a slew of them.   (Unfortunately someone--I would love to know who so I could aim an earful that way--did not sign the contract with the Long Center and we're stuck back at Riverbend Church, with lousy acoustics--it was designed for a multi-media presentation not live acoustic music.  But that's another issue.)  

Today's Offertory anthem at church was "Let All the Angels of God Worship Him." 
Well-received.  I made a bobble at the second service (which is always my worst, if I have a worst that day, because by then I'm tired and hot and finding it hard to concentrate.)   I was the end alto, standing next to a very--extremely--strong soprano and at one point she hit a high note that went straight through both my ears and left me unable to hear myself or the alto on my other side at all.   Or count, for that matter.  Her voice took over my entire brain.   However, when she came off that loud, long, sustained note, I at least knew where we were supposed to be, and I'd lip-synched in between, hoping for the best.  

I will be scarce online for a few days--through Wednesday at least--as I still don't have all the marks on my Messiah score and will be waily-waily if I get to rehearsal and don't have them.

Must now go feed equines before it gets any darker.   But I do purely love the season of Messiah choruses as anthems.  (And yes, I know some people hate them.  Oooh, it's the boring old Messiah again.   That's because you haven't done them with David, who likes to shake people up and changes marks before you learn the old ones.)

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