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The Week Ahead

Busy, busy, busy.   Prep for Thanksgiving.   Clean.  Clean more.  Clean LOTS more.   Shop for holiday stuff.  Shop more (do you see a pattern developing.)   Mark MESSIAH score.   Mark more MESSIAH score (yes, definitely a pattern.)  Listen to MESSIAH rehearsal CD (can be done while doing other things.  Um...starts with finding the MESSIAH rehearsal CD which is SITH [somewhere in this house.])   And yet more listening to MESSIAH rehearsal CD.   Work on vocal technique exercises.  Start learning other assigned music  (cannot be done while doing other things.)  

Today & tomorrow for all the music prep for Wednesday's voice lesson and choir rehearsal.   Then it's clean/study/listen/clean/study/listen (oh, and shop for remaining items) until the next rehearsal, then Sunday services, then the NEXT rehearsal...

In other words, busy.   Oh, and there are other things that need doing...washing, hanging out to dry, folding, ironing, cooking (OMG T-day cooking--how could I not have that in the list.  Need to start making the bread dough today!  See frantic writer poised to leap from chair in study to kitchen to start the bread dough...yes, it can be stuck in fridge, but fridge space is already tightening up...)

Tags: holiday prep
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