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Problems in Electronic-land

I'm not sure which change to blame, but something's gone screwy--not yet fatally screwy, but screwy enough to be seriously annoying--in my browser--and to some extent mail client. The first thing I noticed was the that 80 Acres blog started getting hundreds, not a few, spams. That's remote from here...but why? Why would a nature blog start getting a ton of spam? Well, I'd applied to Nature Blogs Network to have 80 Acres Online included in their list. So maybe one of the people visiting there had a virus or trojan or something?

In the meantime, I upgraded to AVG 9, which slowed things down for a few days, but then things seemed to pick up again, though Firefox, my browser was still slower than it had been, and more likely to choke on having multiple windows open. Then my editor wanted me to check out a site because someone was discussing the new book project. I was dealing with other stuff last week (among them, my feelings about the Fort Hood massacure, Veteran's Day, etc., and then slaughtering that bull and coping with conversion of very large animal into meat, and then the first Messiah rehearsal on Saturday) so it wasn't until Sunday night or Monday that I finally made it to that site,. which is based in the UK.

Monday, the browser really started acting up. Wouldn't load. Would load but wouldn't open a site. Would load and open one site, but not the next. MyComputer pretended it didn't know what drives it had and used the little flashlight thingie for over a minute while confused. I shut down, both to Restart and to totality. I messed with the DSL modem. I did all of these and more, repeatedly (run a scan, look at this and that), all through Monday and Tuesday, as I really needed to get the director's marks for the Messiah score all done. I think it's something the new site did, but I can't find it. Today's been a hair better--at least MyComputer pops up right away, as it should, with all attached drives listed. But Firefox doesn't want more than one window open and freezes up if I shift from one of my blogs to another too fast.

Meanwhile I have 45 minutes before I have to leave, and there's no way I can get all the rest of my score marked by rehearsal tonight. (And I have to hang out the laundry and grab something for lunch, and a packed lunch for supper between lesson and rehearsal--peanut butter sandwiches to the rescue.)

(E vanishes from the scene.)
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