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In the night, a thunderstorm wandered by and behind it came steady rain. Quite a bit. I'm hoping the groundwater doesn't rise to the point where the toilets misbehave again.

We finished up the hindquarter of lamb yesterday--Michael really REALLY likes lamb, it turns out. We have only to mention that there's a hunk of lamb in the oven and he starts haunting the kitchen here--is it ready yet? I'm really pleased with my "new" (no doubt not new but I hadn't heard of it before) use of a canned chipotle diced tomato combo (also has onions and garlic) to put with lamb and potatoes. Works as a sauce over the sliced lamb and potatoes or as a stewish thing or as a soupish thing.

Now I've got beef thawing. It would be good weather for making soup, except that it's T-day next week and I need refrigerator space for the banquet food and a little freezer space after for leftovers.

Meanwhile, I'm alternating work on writing and continuing to mark my Messiah score--whatever was glomming up my system seems to have vanished about the time the hundreds of spams quit landing on the 80acres blog. Hmmm. It's interesting that now I'm able to understand the purpose of the marks much better. Old dogs can learn new tricks (though I still have not mastered the trill unless someone models it slowly for me and guides me through it.) I'm rechecked the choruses I marked at church Wednesday, because then I was rushed and could've missed something (not so far, though.)

I joined Nature Blog Network, adding the 80 Acres blog to their list; just got their acceptance yesterday. My nefarious purpose is to see if enough people drop by that I can someday demonstrate I have sufficient "platform" to a publisher so I can write that book on small-scale wildlife management and hope to get it published. But also--there are scrumptious nature blogs in that group. (And less interesting ones, too.) I don't have time to visit all of them--or any regularly--right now, but if you've been interested in mine, you might check that site out.

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