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New gallery in Scrapbook

Now that I have a little time, I've opened a new gallery in my Scrapbook, this one entitled "Lichens."  It does not contain all my lichen pictures (not nearly) but it has a pretty good sample.  I do not have names for all these--or even more than a few.  Eventually there'll be more, and even more eventually I hope to have time to go through my big new (this year, not recently) giant book on lichens and figure out more of them.

Lichens are valuable indicators of air quality (more pollution, fewer lichens) and they are also food, nest material, and shelter for birds, insects, and other wildlife.  I knew that much, but until I started photographing them I had no idea how many they were, and how many trees and rocks are covered with a "bodysuit" of lichens. 


Tags: botany, lichens

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