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Minor Frustrations

Every once in awhile, an image file won't load on my 80 acres blog, and I understand that occasionally, for some reason, the file is glitched. But for another "some reason", last evening, when I had a lot of good new images to post from yesterday's walk on the land, about half of them wouldn't work.

When it's just one, I usually go back to the original off the camera, do whatever I did before (crop, resize, convert back to jpg from Paint Shop's format) and everything's cool. That takes time, but not too much when it's one image out of a group. When it's several, and it's getting later...not fun. I finally just canceled the project and decided I'd tackle it again today.

I had managed to get across the creek in regular shoes, with only minor wetness in the feet, though it required carrying four knapsacks of rocks from the pile near the creek into the north end ford. Which had become more streamlike and less fordlike during previous flash floods this fall. However, with more rain forecast for today (as much as two inches) I felt we needed to know how the water and pump were doing at Owl Pavilion. . The creek was running perfectly clear--definitely spring-fed--and--for this creek--strong. So was Westbrook when I got there, and that rock crossing will need repair as well.

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