e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Monday, Monday...

It's colder. It's grayer. I will have to drive into the city this afternoon for the Messiah rehearsal tonight. Some things relating to other things have come mildly unglued.

OTOH, my voice teacher, who is also our director for both the choir and the Messiah, was glad to cancel today's lesson (I am really not up to an hour lesson and then a two-three hour rehearsal...and he says he's also tired. I don't wonder.) We'll reschedule for after the performance next Monday.

And also OTOH, that ham I forgot to do along with two turkeys for my guests....is delicious. Since it's a bone-in ham, it's going to become the foundation for another bean and ham soup. Those soups fit into the smaller soup pots (no wrestling the monsters around.) I may also try a dish mixing cubed ham with the cubed lamb in the freezer--those flavors should meld nicely. Or cubed ham with leftover cubed turkey in a "plantation chicken" sort of thing...a cream sauce base, green peppers & pimientos & baby onions...

Tags: food, singing, weather

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