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From Twitter 12-04-2009

  • 08:41:11: A friend brought me native clematis seeds from her land yesterday evening.
  • 08:41:54: Question of the day: Will it snow?
  • 11:30:19: It's snowing east, west, and north of us, but not here. Bubble of dry air, the weather-person says.
  • 11:49:32: A snowflake. Another snowflake. (I've counted ten so far.) As snow goes, this is pitiful, but it counts. I guess.
  • 12:37:42: 1500 words so far today on book three. it's now sunny with patches of blue sky.
  • 17:06:45: Nap this afternoon with very weird and somewhat disturbing dream. Was it a nunnery or a nursing home?
  • 17:07:26: Very clear and rapidly getting colder. Hard freeze tonight. But dry roads for tomorrow morning.
  • 19:23:39: Soup: ham, chicken, black beans, barley, diced tomatoes & green chilis, in base of homemade chicken stock. Yum!
  • 19:25:09: Just hit 2000 words for the day on book three. POV transition here to section already written.
  • 19:47:33: New posts on Paksworld blog: http://www.80acresonline.org/blog/

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