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The Get Up and Go Got Up and Went

Over the past few years, there's been an annoying decline in personal energy levels, but it's been possible to--if not ignore--at least continue on as if things were the old normal.

But the rehearsal schedule this fall has made it clear that a lot of ground has been lost. I woke up this morning as tired as I went to bed after rehearsal last night, which was very. I remember zipping up the levels of the auditorium at Riverbend--last night I could barely pull myself up them, and didn't get my breath back until after I was in the car and had called Richard to let him know I was leaving there. I'm having to stop partway home to eat something--no later than Cedar Park--before trusting attention and coordination on the rest of the way home.

The fix for this is no doubt "more exercise."

What I want is more hours in the day.

And as my work day should've started more than a half hour ago, I am already behind once again.
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