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It was more than a migraine. Hoo boy. And you don't want Too Much Information.

Looking back at the week, I will bet you I picked this up from someone who was miserably sick during and after the dress rehearsal Monday night. Despite the careful handwashing. Incubation for that kind of bug
varies. The alternative source could've come from something I ate on Tuesday on the way to the performance, a visit to friend's ranch on Wednesday afternoon, or the heel of a bunch of celery that I didn't re-wash (having rinsed the whole bunch before chopping to put in the soup) on Friday. Or something else.

But yesterday...not the greatest day in the world.

Thanks to either a) a mild case of whatever or b) the fairly quick application of standard oral rehydration (the sugar, the salt, the liquid), things are much better today. The gradual introduction of saltine crackers, and then store-bread toast with a little honey on it, has caused no major disruptions. And my brain feels as if all the neurons are at least willing to run through a status check.
(Auditory processors, check: sound seems normal loudness. Visual processing, check--no wiggly patterns around or over things. Balance: check, but mild wobbliness on sudden standing. Actual cognitive function: coming online again.)

Did not make it to church today. Will make it outside today, though I don't plan to do a long walk over the land, as no one's home but me, and if I should be wrong about how much better things are going...it wouldn't be good. Sigh. And I won't make bread today, just in case I'm capable of spreading whatever nasty caused this.

So...the real tests are coming up. Can I write fiction? (I can write nonfiction when sick, but not fiction.) Can I eat real food? It's time to open the current book file and see....
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