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Too little sleep...too many ideas...

Staying up after midnight is not good for larks who wake at first light or first birdsong, whichever comes first.   And no afternoon nap today; we have a funeral to go to.  Margaret Stoner McLean, old Texas family married to old Texas family, the mother of our friend John McLean (who is also Michael's godfather.)

However.  Ideas abound, because I lay there in the early near-darkness, thinking "OK, how do I fix *that* one?" Unfortunately, coherent writing is not the necessary consequence of having an idea.  Ideas have been jotted down so I don't lose them.  Coherence (in the fictional sense) will come later.  Maybe.

(So, why am I trying to write here, when I claim I can't write the revisions?  Because chatty writing is different from first-drafting fiction...and maybe in another half-hour I can go back to sleep for two hours, which would then make the afternoon more bearable.)

Some of the ideas appear (even in daylight) to be good ones.  Others..I'm not sure of.   (Wow!  A hummingbird just flew past, then buried itself in one after another Rose of Sharon flowers.  We have the lavender with darker centers and the pure white.)


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