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Holiday Music

I'm not happy with LJ's posting interface again, because the font size setting will not hold. As in, I set it to "medium" and start to type--and what I typed is small and the little box is empty again. It takes two or three tries to get the "medium" to last long enough to write a paragraph. If I back up for any reason, it's gone again. If I want to insert a link, it's gone again. And no, this isn't about holiday music yet, but there's a reason, and the trouble with the *!!* font size menu is it.

Holiday music...well, last week we had the Messiah performance with the symphony. Others sang the church services; I was home with the gastroenteritis thingie. Rehearsal last night covered this Sunday's anthem, and the five (!!) anthems for Christmas Eve except for one (we never got to the "O Leave Your Sheep" one. I kind of wish we'd never get to the sheep one because--although it can be pretty--it's one of those artsy ones.) Among the anthems we touched on last night (there being insufficient time to actually work them to any degree) were two Mozarts, "Dixit Dominus" from The Solemn Vespers, and "Agnus Dei" from Missa Brevis in D. We have a big service for the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, with yet more anthems, and another at the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, January 10.

So this Sunday we have the two services to sing, then the SIng-Along Messiah at St. Matthew's, for which David is director and many of us are the leading chorus. We have a rehearsal next Wednesday, for the Christmas Eve services Thursday (we sing the two evening services) and whatever else David can work in (knowing him, lots), and a rehearsal on Tuesday, January 5, plus the pre-service rehearsals/warmups. Oh, and I have a voice lesson next Wednesday.

It's nice that our director has such faith in our musical ability, but.
I'm sure you can fill in the "but" part.
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