e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-23-2009

  • 09:45:15: No voice lesson today, just as well as I've been sinused up for days. Rehearsal tonight will be enough stress.
  • 09:45:41: Changes in other chapters going well.
  • 10:19:03: Plotbomb again. Why doesn't this book realize there's no room for any more plot bombs???
  • 10:40:52: Plot bomb: explosive "discovery" of new plot elements that enriches the book and makes fingers fly on the keyboard.
  • 10:41:48: Plot bombs do destroy some "old plot construction" and require rethinking stuff. They mean more work, but (for me) better books.
  • 22:36:10: Just home from choir practice. Lightning to the east, from storms near Bryan. That's a long way to see those storms! Some west, too.
  • 22:36:37: Singing through crud: possible, but not much fun.

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