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Transportation woes

We got back from the funeral this afternoon and I called the car place.  They were supposed to call last week when they figured out what was what with the old van (not *that* old, only 9 years....) but they hadn't, so I did. 

Seems it needs not just a new compressor for the AC, and some tune-up stuff, but a new engine.  WHAT?! I exclaimed.  Can't be.  It runs fine--plenty of power, no problem with hills (for instance), smooth as a hard boiled egg.  Only recently there was this kind of whistle-y noise when I started her up, that's just a valve problem or a belt problem, isn 't it?  Apparently not.  Apparently there's something deeply wrong down in the guts of the engine, and someday in the not-too-distant future it's just going to seize up and die. 

And fixing it is a four-figure project.  At least.  OUCH.  We have to get a new roof.  There are other pretty-urgent needs.  This car was supposed to hold it together for another couple of years.  The '84 went ten years before I had to replace the engine and then several more years after that...the old '69 Rambler was still going strong at 15 years when I sold it...


Tags: budget, car trouble

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