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More Weather, Christmas Eve

When I went down for a nap, the forecast said nothing about snow.  When I got up and saw one or two snowflakes I thought "Oh, well."  Then Richard called me outside to look to the west, where the howling gale (which had picked up again all day) was carrying streamers of snow in the field just west of the horse lots--and then, as I watched, the snow came up past our fence and has now engulfed the house.   When I looked at the weather site online, it now said 10% chance of light snow.   This is more than "light" snow, though given the ground warmth it probably won't stick a lot.  Yet.  Though the cold wind is chilling stuff on the surface.

It's...snowing.  Here.   And we need to be "there", about 50 miles away in the city, tonight, to sing.  And then we need to get home.   And it's starting to stick....so I'm really glad I had that nap.

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