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Minus one--day before departure

Thanks to LifeStuff, I am not already packed, organized, ready to go. 

I woke up tired, and my get up and go walked off the job days ago.   "See ya!" it said.  "Get some sense and maybe I'll come back.  Maybe." 

A load of laundry is in.  The list of what must be done to be ready to leave (with some sleep in hand, hopefully) by 7 am tomorrow morning is daunting.  I'm starting, but I'm not moving very fast.

It's Richard's birthday.  I should feel celebratory.  Instead...stuffed sinuses, scratchy throat, sore muscles, swollen ankles...

Whine, whine, whine.

Now that's done...maybe I can get up and get on with it.

Tags: travel prep
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