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Monday was spent, largely, in wrestling with the revisions.   Side issues were the chili (turned out good), laundry (getting flannel sheets to line dry in winter--even on a sunny day--requires intense optimism and a final run through the dryer--but without a dryer sheet), a minimal flurry of actual cleaning, and the replenishing of the house bird feeder. 

Revisions are being difficult.   That's because a) revisions always go through this phase of being difficult, and b) I'm trying to be ecologically responsible and save paper by not printing out another version, even though the version now printed out isn't even close, on one POV, to what's actually in the book.    I'm at a stage where I'm feathering in the POV that got the most strenuous workout (since it had been IDed as the problem area) and it's doggone hard to feather in with the right supporting bits when you can't see the thing as a whole.  Which I never can on the screen anyway.

Writers whining about their problems annoy some people, especially those who think nothing can be so bad as not being published yet (and there's something to be said for that opinion) so if you're one of them...sorry.   The hard truth is that problems don't cease, they just move around.  That was brought home to me on the sale of my first book, when the next day the muffler fell off the car (but not completely--just one end) and we trailed sparks for miles until it finally fell all the way off.  When the book came out, the hot water heater pipe blew and flooded the hall.  Roofs, appliances, vehicles, all machinery of any kind whatever, animals, children, and taxing authorities are determined to keep writers (and everyone else) humble and worried. 

Today I need to make bread.   Tomorrow is the farrier's visit.  Thursday is the day M's disability ID pass for Cap Metro is supposed to be ready to pick up at the Cap Metro place downtown in the city.   That's New Year's Eve, of course.  Any bets on whether that office will be open?    Or the card ready?    I still need to get these....foraminiferous revisions done and the whole all sparkly and shiny so when Editor sees it next week, any remaining flaws (which of course I hope there aren't) will be easily found and fixed.

Next Tuesday is another long rehearsal for the equally long Epiphany service and the following Sunday's long service, most of it Mozart.   Too many notes.  Gorgeous notes, and gorgeous harmony, and very sparkly and shiny in a way my stuff never is, but too many notes to learn too fast when I'm fighting with the revisions.  I have a voice lesson a few hours before rehearsal, too, which ensures that although my voice may be well warmed up, my brain will be flapping in the breeze.  One of the worst things I do, when under stress, is reverse the direction of half-steps.  Not always.  Not consistently enough that I can count on it and do a "find and replace all" reversal of instinct.  But often *enough*.   I've never been dyslexic with reading text...but music is another matter.  Naturals are a particular problem...because I can't remember (fast enough) if the original note was a sharp or flat and there's not time to glance at the key signature.   With things actually marked sharp or flat, I make fewer (but not zero) errors.   

Well.  Late already.  Need to get offline and back to work.   
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