e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

From Twitter 12-29-2009

  • 09:24:02: Dark, cold, sleet/rain mix. Good baking day.
  • 09:51:10: Dark days make me sleepy. Desire for hot chocolate and bed. No! Onward and upward! Etc.
  • 10:32:37: More sleet--and beginning to accumulate in tiny amounts.
  • 11:20:22: A few snowflakes mixed in with sleet. A bit of crunchiness underfoot on pavement. Occasional liquid drops, too.
  • 14:30:45: The sleet & snow turned to cold rain. Bread's in the oven. Revisions perking along.
  • 21:09:26: Leftover boiled potatoes tossed into leftover venison chili...and, in the bowl, topped with grated cheese. Yum.
  • 22:24:19: Still raining. Barn pens a swamp. Horses giving us dirty looks. "Dirty" is the right word too, the mudballs.
  • 23:54:15: 2000+ words today, new stuff for book 2.

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