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Weather & Cooking

We're supposed to have a cold front coming in tonight--I believe it, from my sinuses.   Yesterday we made it into the '60s after the cloud cover blew eastward--while the farrier was bent over one of Illusion's hooves, he said "Boy, that feels good on my back."  And it did.  Today was also supposed to clear off and be warm, but after a sunny sunrise, turned cloudy.  Now it's partly-cloudy, not as warm as yesterday, and there's a bank of clouds in the north that looks pretty solid. 

The propane truck came just now and filled us up again.   I put two huge chunks of beef leg bone (hind leg?  can't tell when frozen)  into the oven, smeared with barbecue sauce, to slow-roast in preparation for making beef stock tomorrow.    (Huge means total weight over 10 pounds, maybe as much as 15 or so.  They're in my biggest roasting pan, the 22 pound turkey pan)  Right now they're covered in foil, for the thawing and slow-roasting part, but will be uncovered for at least half an hour later, to acquire a little brownness.   If the cold front arrives as promised, it will be perfect weather for having the big pot on the stove all day and the next night.   If I'd been really efficient, I'd have soaked beans last night and would've put on a pot of bean soup (with the T-day ham bone) on this morning, but I didn't.   

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