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Stupid Sinuses

Headache all night.   Almost drifted off a couple of times and then it would get me again.  Blecch.  On the other hand, being awake for hours and unwilling to turn on the light until abut 3 am (moonlight was already hurting my eyes but not bright enough to read by)  gave plenty of time to think about revisions and work to do once I could face the computer again.  There are advantages to most things, if you can only figure out what they are.  (Nonetheless, I'd have preferred the clearer head that would've resulted from 8 hours of sleep and waking up head-ache free.  No Pollyannas here.)

It's brilliantly clear out, with a NNW wind...my right side, nearest the window by the desk, is receiving a flow of chilly air, while my left side is, at the moment, getting some warm air from the heater vent in the ceiling across the room.  Birds have been at the feeding area this morning. 

I've been marking the printout from yesterday (partial printout of two chapters where I had fossils overlapping)  to clear up exactly who should convey which bit of information when, to best effect.   Lying on my stomach across the bed to work on this means less head pain, but is tough on the neck and shoulders.  (And who said it should be easy, I ask myself.   Me, I answer complainingly    (As this is not fiction, I'm allowed to use ly adverbs to describe the mode of speech, heh-heh-heh.   And yes, I just made up that rule.  Try to stop me....no don't bother, I've done it already.

Given that several friends have had much, MUCH worse problems on New Year's Eve and New Year's than my headache (which just hurts...doesn't cost money, doesn't involve serious injury, etc) I've decided that I don't qualify for the "I can top THAT" disaster competition this holiday season.   Years back, I had some seasons with similar convergence of Awful, but this time it's just everyday "Yeah, well, the world isn't perfect, what did you expect?" work/deadlines/headaches/gut bugs.  I 've been lucky.  So far.    

I haven't added the garlic to the stock yet (ran out of oomph after chopping the celery, onions, carrots, parsley) so I'd better get out there and start smushing and peeling and dumping in the garlic cloves.   Then get back in here and dig into the revisions.  I'd really like to be done with all the additions & known changes by tonight, so I can work on pruning and cleaning tomorrow and Sunday, and ship this puppy off Sunday night.  It has unfortunately grown in the rework--the new stuff is needed, but that means some old stuff must come out. 

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