e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Conestoga, Day 1

Before the beginning...have eaten breakfast, picked up my guest packet, been to the grocery store, met up with a few friends (not all are here yet) and am about to start working.   Saw in the hotel copy of USA Today more stuff on the difficulties families with children are facing while flying.  And adults as well: the airlines and the government have conspired to create an atmosphere that ranges from moderately unpleasant to downright dangerous (as when passengers are forced to sit in a plane on the runway for hours and hours without food, without toilet facilities, etc.)   Apparently, no one "in charge" now believes that passengers are real human people with real biological and psychological needs. 

But on the pleasanter side of things...I'm here, I'm somewhat rested, and I've already done some work on the revisions, before I was able to get my guest packet and badge.  More friends arrive later today.  Oh--just remembered--I need to get the big boots and the other pair of slacks out of the car.  More later.


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