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Writer's Block: Do (political) opposites attract?

Torture is such an issue.   Wrong in all situations.   (Yes, it happens--doesn't make it right.)  I do not respect, let alone agree with, apologists for torture. 

Slavery, sexual abuse, trafficking in humans.  Wrong in all situations.   Whether it's child sexual abuse, abduction and enslavement, enslavement of "captive" workers (has happened on ranches, for instance)--always wrong, never OK, and I do not respect anyone who defends any of these practices.  Related but sometimes considered as different is systematic abuse of groups of society by gender (women being denied education/forced marriages/restrictions on their basic freedoms), religion, "caste," race.  My position on these is the same as on the former:  Not OK, ever, and I do not respect those who practice or defend these things.

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