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From Twitter 01-07-2010

  • 11:35:20: New post up on http://www.paksworld.com/blog/
  • 11:36:18: Earworm: Mozart's "Inter Natos Mulierum"
  • 13:18:23: "Bare-throated Tiger Heron" suggests a fictional monster-bird, but it's real and causing excitement among S. Texas birders.
  • 14:20:59: Beef/vegetable/barley soup made from "my" stock and "my" beef. Just added the slug of red wine. Barley goes in last.
  • 15:43:57: Country living: friend brings me ducks he shot on his tank; I hand over a tub of newly homemade soup. (Hmm...duck soup next?)
  • 15:47:23: I'm out of Ro-Tel...this is a serious problem! And no jars of roasted peppers!
  • 15:56:03: Hanging clothes out when windchill is below 20F makes for cold hands. But on windy day, great smelling clothes.
  • 17:33:33: Soup's done. Beef/vegetable/barley. Wish I'd gotten bread done today as well, but Stuff intervened. Including some work on book-3.
  • 19:17:38: When I took stuff off the clothesline, the folds over the line had frozen to it.
  • 19:18:09: Brownies. A good idea on a cold night. (Disappears in direction of kitchen.)
  • 22:50:22: Brownies a hit with husband as well. Ymmm..
  • 23:20:04: How come sometimes when I look at @emoontx there's nothing there, and a few hours later there's stuff from days ago? Signed, always behind

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