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Sunday: bright

It's clear, started cold, is warming upAll good things after the extreme (for us) cold and broken pipe.  It's possible (we won't know until late in the day) that yesterday's patch will warm up enough today to set the goo.  (Chemical reactions like that of the goo take longer in colder temps and may even fail completely.)   My cold or whatever it is hasn't gotten worse.   The wormer buckets of water in the shower stall have let me keep flushing as needed.  (Yes, I know ways to extend that.  Not discussing everything I know about water shortages and toilets here...TMI)

Birds are using the feeding area heavily, which isn't surprising.  Cold sends me to my feeding area more often, too, if I'm out in it.   I'm about to go out to check the water trough for the horses (husband pounded a hole in the ice earlier, but it's time for another drink if it refroze), the temperature, and replenish birdseed.  Easier to do this in sun than under heavy clouds, at least for me.   Still tired, still stopped up, eyes still burning, throat slightly better this morning.  Maybe Vitamin C drops and early bed and homemade soup and bread did their thing.
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