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Conestoga, Day 1 continued

The rest of the day went well--had lunch with friend, a productive afternoon working on my stuff for opening ceremonies, then opening ceremonies, and dinner with other friends.   One sadness--a friend who'd planned on coming got suddenly sick and was not able to come.   Sad for her that she's feeling rotten; sad for me that I won't get to enjoy her company. 

Was not thrilled to realize (more slowly than was useful) that I was on the party floor, when I didn't want to be on the party floor, but since the day after the convention I'll be staying with friends, not trying to travel, it's not as bad.  I read a new story to friends who were kind enough to sit still for it...and they all laughed in the right places.   That's as good as it gets. 

Now it's the morning of Day 2.  By noon, we will have done a Musketeer demo with only four Musketeers, and one of them a Pirate.  Should be an interesting day.


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