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Not That Good a Morning

I would like to think that's because a) I've been following the news about Haiti and b) I've been re-reading The Best Science Writing of 2003, which had some of the saddest articles about forthcoming ecological disasters, two of which had previously managed to slip my mind, but in fact it's  Other Things, more personal, so that I get to feel guilty for even thinking about personal other things when there's a major disaster going on.

Of course, when isn't there a major disaster going on, and that's not a happy thought either.  Neither is consideration of various friends and acquaintances (and friends and relatives of those friends and acquaintances)  who are sick, broke, jobless, or in any other distress.  I'm not quite to the point of "Life sucks, and then you die" but I'm to the point of understanding why some people are sitting on the Life Sucks logo. 

Guess I'll pull on the jeans and go put some seeds out on the table for birds.  That should have some effect, though up or down I can't know until I do it.
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